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Fleas In House
Bite Remedies & Getting Rid of Fleas

How to identify a flea bite?

• They are small, red and itchy.
• The bite marks are usually in clusters of 4 or 5.
• As well as leaving itchy marks of cluster sores on your skin, they can leave the markings of a thin straight line behind.
• It is common to find flea bites on the ankles or lower legs, but they can also appear around the waist, knees, groin, breasts and armpits.
Pest Control Kent & getting rid of fleas
If you keep up with our newsletters and posts here @ Pest Control Kent, you will already be aware that fleas don’t necessarily stay with your pets.

A flea bite can be very painful and we know that as humans we don’t research how to treat things like bites and stings, until that time of which we have unfortunately been bitten. That is why we @ Pest Control Kent have written this post in the simplest form for everyone to understand, because we appreciate that, as the reader, you could be suffering the pain of a flea bite right at this moment.
What are the symptoms of a flea bite?


How to treat flea bites?

As hard as this may be, Pest Control Kent urges you to try not to scratch, as this can lead to infection. Even more so if you have a flea infestation. Flea bites do eventually go by themselves once you have fumigated your home. But in the meantime, there are steps you can follow to relieve yourself of the itchiness and pain. You can buy over the counter anti-itch creams and antihistamines, but if these don’t work, then you might need to make an appointment to see your doctor.
Why getting rid of fleas before we have a flea infestation is the wisest course?

• They can easily carry infection and disease from one person to another.
• They can cause anaemia. (Remember, they suck on your blood.)
• They even helped cause the PLAGUE. Yes, we are talking about the infamous plague!!!!
Queasy facts about fleas by Pest Control Kent
• The female lays at least 2000 eggs in her lifetime.
• Some female fleas can survive for one hundred days without a blood meal.
• There are 2,000 different species of flea.
• The cat flea is the most common.
• The female flea consumes 15x her body weight in one day.
• Female fleas have to be on a host before laying eggs.
• Fleas do not have wings. (They jump to compensate for that though, as high as 200x the length of their body.)
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