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The Grey Squirrel (Sciuris Carolinensis)

Pest Control Kent Squirrels Explained

Sciuris carolinensis, more commonly known as The Grey Squirrel is another one of the family of rodents. They are built for climbing, but some species of squirrel can be known to live in tunnels underground.


pest control kent squirrels


The Squirrel and Disease


The Grey Squirrel was introduced to Europe from America in the late 1800’s and has increased to such a degree that they need persistent pest control, as like their cousins (the rat and mouse) they too are vermin and carry disease.


How to Identify a Squirrel?


The Grey Squirrel is admired for its beautiful bushy tail that is placed across its back in an arch. It is forty eight centimetres in length (including its tail) and known to be an agile, intelligent and resourceful creature, also very cute in appearance.



What are the Mating Habits of the Squirrel?


It has a winter mating season and in early February it begins to make its nest. It places the nest high in the trees to enable the nursing mother to have seclusion. Its nest is roughly the size of a football and is made from strong strips of bark. It begins to mate at around seven to twelve months old. The female only has one day on heat each cycle. Her scent attracts a mate who then begins flicking his tail and chattering loudly. This noise attracts other males causing the female to run through the trees leading her suitors on a merry dance, until she mates with the leading (healthiest) male. He then takes no part in rearing the young, unlike his mate who makes a very diligent mother. The gestation period lasts around forty five days and they are weaned after eight to ten weeks. They only have two breeding seasons (late winter or early spring and summer or autumn) with three to four pups in each litter and the pups then leave the nest at ten to twelve weeks.


What Does the Squirrel Eat?


Most of their time is spent foraging for food. Some of which they store for when food is lean. They feed on  tree seeds. berries, fungus, nuts, plant bulbs and shoots etc. It is a myth that the Grey Squirrel attacked, harassed and bullied the Red Squirrel to the brink of extinction in the UK. The Grey Squirrel is pushing the Red Squirrel aside purely from being bigger and competing for food, causing the more delicate Red Squirrel to slowly die out. They usually nest in trees but unfortunately can be known to nest in people’s houses which is where Pest Control Kent comes to the rescue. The grey squirrel can live up to six years years old. Squirrels do not normally eat meat. They will, when faced with hunger and no other source of food eat bird eggs, insects, wasps or pick at a carcass.


The Squirrel and Kent Pest Control


All sounds good so far but unfortunately like the mouse and rat, the Grey Squirrel can be a pain when the entering the family home, as they can cause structural damage by tearing up loft insulation for bedding or just from gnawing away at timber, pipe work and electrical wiring which can pose as a fire hazard. They can also overrun your garden and if you put seed in your bird feeder for the sparrows, you may find that the Grey Squirrel beats them to it, unless you buy yourself a squirrel proof feeder or call Kent Pest Control to sort it for you.