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Below we go into a little more detail about the common house mouse.

No Doubt the mouse Pest Control Margate come across most is the House Mouse, it’s much smaller than the common Rat. The tail is approximately the same length as its body and the mouse can grow 8-10cm long. The house mouse is normally brown or light grey and live indoors. They can be found in domestic households, commercial buildings and all types of warehouses, shops or restaurants where food is sold.

Mice like to eat cereals and grain but will often be found chewing bags to access dog biscuits, bread, rolls etc, they can eat 3g’s of food per day. They have been known to live without water for days. Mice often live on the ground but can dig holes to nest and climb up cavity walls wooden fences and most obstacles found in the domestic garden.

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History of the house mouse

Mice carry salmonella bacteria that cause typhoid like infections in the intestine. Mice probably cause food poisoning more often than bad hygiene.

Mice can cause damage in houses and commercial premises just by gnawing at anything in their way. They have good eyesight and sensitive whiskers, they will often stay in the same area and know every inch of it. In good conditions mice can have litters of up to 16 and have up to 8 litters per year. They can reproduce from the age of 8 weeks old and usually live up to 12 months (1 year) in the wild.

Control of mice in Margate

Identify harbourages, effect proofing to doors and holes in building fabric. Identify defective access routes via services. Remove attractive foods, control waste and locate baits to effect control. Contact dust can be applied to ductings and harbourages only when safe to do so. Break back traps can be sited and sticky boards are often used as a last resort. Bait shyness and marked behavioural changes are often reported with a bait box and bait shyness. Pest Control Margate use safe but affective methods to remove pest from your home or business. We also control various other day to day pest such as squirrels, wasp, rats, fleas, & bedbugs. Call Pest control Margate for your free quote


  • After feeding the birds in our garden we noticed we had a mouse problem in the garden shed,we called this company and they were very quick and professional in dealing with the problem–Loraine, Margate



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