Kent Pest Control Rats

Rattus Norvegicus 

The everyday common Rat in our sewers & drains is the brown Rat, it is easily recognisable by body size, its snout, ears and the fact that its tail length is not in proportion to its body. It has a short stubby snout, thick body hair, tiny fury ears and the tail is shorter than the head and body with a light tan under belly. These Rats are found on farms and around other commercial premises, domestic homes usually get rats in the loft via a broken drain or they can be attracted by bird feeders or fish ponds.

Brown Rats carry various diseases, one of which is called Weil’s disease. This is spread through rat urine. Up to a third of brown rats in the UK are believed to carry Weil’s disease. Brown Rats also carry a deadly minute roundworm, Lice & salmonella are also found to be carried on the brown Rat.

Rats are actually very intelligent creatures and have senses to match their intelligence, they sense their way around in the dark of night, they find there way using there very sensitive smell and whiskers, which they use to seek out food and water.

About the brown Rat

Brown rats like every day human foods like cereals and other starch rich products. The food they eat includes fruit, any kind of meat, bird food, nuts, seeds, and fruit. They will occasionally store food to return another day to feed again.

A healthy rat of this species can breed all year round. They can start to breed from 3 months of age, which results in rapid increase of young, healthy rats. They can have litters of 8 and breed up to 6 times every year.

Despite being one of the most unwanted mammals we come into contact with, Rats are actually very clean; even though they live in our sewers and drainage system, they spend much of their time cleaning themselves.

Steps to take to prevent rat problems

Identify quiet areas like light wells and bin stores, use proofing products to the bottom of doors and holes in building material. Identify problems drainage system and sewers (call in a specialist drainage contractor to have a drain survey carried out). Remove bird feeders and any other easily accessible foods. Call in a Pest Control company to bait internally and externally using bait boxes with rodenticide products.

This photo shows the mess Rats can make in a loft area. The damage that Rats can cause if often found to be  fires or leaks as they will chew through electrical cables and plastic water pipes.

Like mice rats can also get through very small holes, they use there whiskers to judge the hole prior to attempting to get through, rats move fast and this is generally the reason why people are so scared purely on their speed.



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