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If you were to simply watch a squirrel you will quickly realise how free spirited these little devils are.  They will very happily scamper around your garden jumping from one branch to the next as they master acrobatic moves without a single step wrong.  Although they live a care free lifestyle they can unfortunately be a nuisance to humans.  Of all the species those most common are the grey squirrel, the red squirrel, the fox squirrel and also the flying squirrel.  They typically have a bushy tail and can grow up to fifty centre metres in length.

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Tree squirrels will usually nest in wooded areas but as humans continue to expand into these areas, squirrels are forced to look for alternative places to nest and that unfortunately can include nesting inside buildings. The most frequent place for them to nest is inside garages and lofts where they will reach hard to get to areas by chewing holes so that they can store their food. You will probably be very aware that you have an infestation of squirrels because their activity is very loud and anyone within a close proximity can usually hear them. If this sounds like your home contact pest control Dover today to remove these safely.

These squirrels are most active first thing in the morning and also in the afternoon as they spend all their time in the search for food and finding places to store it.  Their diet will normally consist of nuts, leaves, fruit, insects and bark.  They will collect food even if it is not needed as this will be stored for winter keeping.

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Many young squirrels are born during the early spring and summer periods, with tree squirrels bearing two litters in a year whereas flying squirrels will only give birth once a year.  The litter can vary and can be anywhere between three and eight squirrels and is highly dependent on the species.  Get in touch with pest control Dover to control the infestation if you feel it is causing you an issue before the adult squirrels breed and cause an even bigger problem.

Apart from seeing the squirrels and listening to them in your lofts they can cause damage as they gnaw their way around.  This can be particularly dangerous especially if you have young children.  Remember do call upon pest control in Kent and do not try and attempt to remove these yourself.  Not only can it be dangerous but if you don’t have the knowledge and skills to handle squirrels it can make the problem worse.  This is why pest control, Dover based companies are the perfect answer to removing squirrels from your home and gardens.

Squirrels are very clever at alerting other squirrels if there is danger ahead.  They will leave scents as well as making various noises to alert fellow squirrels of potential danger.

You don’t need to put up with squirrels if they are a nuisance to you as there are many solutions available to you.  Be sure to contact pest control Dover today.

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