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In built-up areas such as London and around Kent, buildings have become more compact and are built closer together. Over time, the rat population has become problematic. As time progresses, it becomes harder to eradicate the rat infestation, and so it would be wise to call a Pest Control Canterbury Based company.

Pest Control Canterbury offers a large range of solutions to effectively and efficiently eliminate all manner of pests from wasp infestations to unwanted squirrel populations.


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Pest Control Canterbury think it’s important to understand why rats are considered such a problem.

Rats are a rodent just like mice but cause more of a pest problem due to their breeding patterns and destructive nature. They are a worldwide problem due to the significant health risk that they pose to humans. Being able to carry and spread common diseases such as Salmonella, Weil’s disease and E.coli, amongst other diseases.They can thrive in almost any condition with their ability to breed within three months from birth.

In the UK, there are two varieties of rat which you are likely to come across; they are common brown rat and the black rat.
In most cases, it’s the brown rat which you will see. You will know its the brown rat by its brown fur on the back with an off-white/grey fur underneath. Weighing between 100 and 500g for a fully grown adult in most cases its tail will be shorter than its body and head.

Their usual habitat is underneath building where they can burrow many meters underground and through to the sewers. Other popular habitats include railway embankments, food stores and rubbish dumps.


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Although rats are nocturnal, they can be found looking for food and water in the day, especially while they nest in wall cavities and beneath floorboards. When scavenging for a meal they tend to stay close to their nesting site and can eat a large variety of food from cereals to meat. Even though, they are Omnivores they very rarely eat insects such as wasp as there is usually easier food to scavenge. When feeding they can typically eat around 30 grams of food per day and will often hoard food for future use. Although they do eat food which is high in water content, they also require a separate water supply to keep hydrated.

Being sexually mature in 2 – 3 months this is where swift pest control needs to be actioned. With each sexual cycle, each rat can have between 8 – 10 offspring and have up to 7 litters per year. With the lifespan of a rat living up to 18 months, this can be a potential for hundreds of offspring for each female rat in their lifetime. It’s easy to see how rats can quickly over-run an unsuspecting household.


When in their infancy, rats can get through minuscule holes of anything as small as 10mm. Adults being able to fit through gaps as small as 25mm due to their long, flexible and cylindrical shape. Coupled with their breeding patterns, and you can see why cause massive pest problems.




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Rat droppings found in a loft
Large wasp nest in a loft


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