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Rats are highly intelligent, social and are most active at night.  They have a great sense of touch and a fantastic sense of smell.  Rats usually live for about two years but there are some that can live for some time longer.  If you want to learn more about the characteristics of rats speak to pest control Ramsgate.
Rats are usually opportunistic eaters and will enjoy a large variety of food that is left in a human environment.  The availability of food will often determine their habits such as whether they need to source food from outside or whether there is food left in uncovered containers.When a rat population is at large, the leaders will develop deep within a burrow where many of the stronger rats will become dominate.  The leaders continues to follow with mating as a female will have several mates and they will mate with her in order of how they are up the hierarchy.

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Rats are animals that need good management in order to deal with them. Why? They are animals that do not show any signs of difficulty when it comes to adjusting to change. Often this change is introducing a new poison as people work harder to try and exterminate these. There has to be no other animals that puts up a fight better than the rat. But don’t put up with the fight by yourself, pest control Ramsgate are highly trained.
Rather than sourcing a more powerful and dangerous way to get rid of rats that have taken over your home, the best solution is to alter its surroundings in which they choose to set up home to make it less acceptable and attractive. But a pest control Ramsgate based company will be able to advise accordingly.


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If you are suffering with rats, tolerating them is most likely to not be something you want to do. For many reasons it is not possible for humans and rats to coexist peacefully. For safe and effective removal of rats a  local Pest Control Ramsgate based company is your best option. As previously mentioned the best way to remove the rats is to discourage them settling into your home in the first place with Pest Control Ramsgate.
If however you are not sure if you have a rat infestation check to see whether you can spot any droppings, listen out for sounds and movements in the walls and look for gnawed holes in your doorframes as this will only indicate that they have been here for a while. But the best way has to be to call upon Pest Control Ramsgate as we are the local specialist in Medway and are highly experienced to spot the signs and take action. Unfortunately rats can find a way into your home, if there is a hole of at least one inch, they can make their way inside.
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Pest Control Ramsgate

Local family run Pest Control Company in Ramsgate, we carry out one off treatments for pest or insects, or regular maintenance contract. More and more businesses where food is sold or served are now being asked to have a pest control contract in place even if there is now immediate problem. We have many client’s now benefitting from our very competitively priced contract agreements. The larger companies subcontract to us and we see how much they charge customers. We guarantee to beat any contract price by 10%. We have found that some clients we now carry out pest control contract work in Ramsgate for are saving nearly 50% on their previous contractor’s price


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• They will eat anything that is left behind. But the most damage is caused by their faeces and urine which is left behind
• Rats can create a lot of damage with their burrows but most of the time it is superficial rather than structural damage
• Rat’s teeth never stop growing which is why they spend all their time gnawing to keep them low. This however can be particularly dangerous when they choose to bit through electrical wires
• They carry a number of diseases that are dangerous

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