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House mice are considered as dangerous animals that are highly destructive.  Not only are they a nuisance but they can cause house fires, destroy furniture and spread diseases.Did you know that mice can carry with them serious health risks especially in the kitchen and where there are young children that play?  This is because they will spread their disease as they look for both food and shelter.  They are also known to damage homes and furniture as they gnaw and a particularly well known for chewing through electrical wires.  Any infestation should be handled by a professional pest control Broadstairs based company.  They will be able to handle the infestation very swiftly and are highly efficient.

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As they leave a trail of urine wherever they go, the smell of ammonia can be very strong in enclosed places such as lofts.  Their droppings can also be found in high activity areas such as in cupboards and under the sink.  If you have mice you may also notice that there are shredded materials such as newspapers and fabrics which is usually a clear indication of a nest being present.  For more information contact pest control Broadstairs who are highly experienced in the management of mice.

Due to mice having soft skeletons they have the ability to get through a hole that is the width of a pencil so it is important to have any holes sealed and to put protective strips on doors.  But pest control Broadstairs will be able to advise accordingly.

If you want to prevent mice from entering the home ensure that you regularly clean cupboards and other appliances so that you remove any opportunity for them to feed.  Pest control Broadstairs will however provide targeted treatment if you have an infestation and show you how to protect your home from mice invading in the future.

In addition to this these troublesome animals are highly responsible for causing machines to malfunction in the farming industry.  In the commercial industry these animals are very capable of mass destruction, damaging tons of food that cannot be consumer by humans due to them being contaminated with a number of mouse-borne diseases.  That is not saying these contaminations are not present in the domestic environment because they are, but unfortunately less obvious.

So if you do suspect mice in your home then do not leave it because a mouse population can grow to over two hundred in a matter of months.  Pest control Broadstairs will ensure action is taken quickly and that you don’t end up with mice taking over your home.  Kent pest control will also discuss with you treatments that are available so that there is a treatment that is ideal for your home especially if you have young children and pets in the home.

Contact Kent pest control to see how they can help you.  Highly professional and experienced in removing mice and putting preventative action in place to ensure it does not happen again.

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Rat droppings found in a loft
Large wasp nest in a loft


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