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Are Squirrels Really Pests?

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Pest control Whitstable explain a little more about Squirrels and their habits. Squirrels come across as cute woodland creatures when watching TV shows and reading fiction. You may even hear about how endangered they are. However, they can be extremely dangerous to the home and your family, making them pests. It is time to take control of your home, and you can do that by understanding more about the creatures.

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Types of Squirrels


There are many species of this medium-sized rodents, with the most renowned being the flying squirrel and red squirrel. However, many people do not realise that marmots and chipmunks are also considered as a type of this pest.

The majority of the animals are small, reaching about 10cm in length, and weigh around 10g. However, the Alpine marmot is much larger and can reach lengths of 73cm, with a weight of as much as 8kg.

Pest Control Whitstable explain a little more on Breeding and Living Habits of Squirrels


These animals are among the longest living pests around the world. Most grey squirrels can live up to six years old, but this will depend on the place they choose to live. Unfortunately for them, many die younger because of trying to cross roads or due to tractors in their living space. Some of the species are starting to die out, and it has led to governments aiming to see a reduction in the hunting of the animals.

They will only breed up to twice a year and have pups within six weeks of breeding. The males will often disappear after that, leaving the raising of the young to the females, which is typical for all types of animals.


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Finding Food Suitable for the Diet


Cellulose is out of the question for all of these animals, so they search for food that is high in carbohydrates, fats and protein. Nuts and seeds are among the most common options, as well as green vegetation and fruits. Meat is an option when the pests are very hungry, with young snakes, insects, smaller rodents and eggs being the popular choice. Some of the animals living in tropical areas have adapted to a meat diet due to the lack of vegetation and nuts.


The more you know about the pests, the more you can take control back over your environment. Pests, like squirrels and wasps, are not just annoying. They carry fleas and all sorts of diseases, just like many other pests like rats and mice.  Pest Control Whitstable carry out Pest Control services in the local area for homeowners and business alike.

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