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Watch out – There’s a NEW Bug about! and it’s a smelly one at that!

Pest Control Herne Bay CT6

Marmorated Stink Bug

Pest Control Herne Bay CT6 has discovered that a bug could be invading our shores in the UK very soon. For this reason, we are advising our customers to keep vigilant, as biologists say that it is inevitable that the marmorated stink bug, (also known as the halyomorpha halys) WILL invade The British Isles.
What Is the Marmorated Stink Bug?
This pest is of an agriculture nature.
It loves to ruin the farmer’s crop, feeding, or should we say, sucking on crops, fruits and vegetables.
I’m Not a Farmer, Should I Still Be Concerned?
Pest Control Kent is fully aware that the average householder isn’t a farmer, but that’s no reason to become complacent. The marmorated stink bug will quite happily suck the life force out of your fruit and veg, wherever that may be, including your beautiful country garden.

Some questions answered

Will It Bite Me?
Thankfully, that is one thing that this bug cannot do. It can, however, leave a disgusting stench in its path.
Where Does It Come From?
This stinky bug originated from Japan and China and was accidentally introduced to the Americas in the late nineties, stowing itself away in packing crates. Unfortunately, now it seems to be making a beeline for the UK.
Why Is It Called the ‘Stink Bug?’
The clue is in the name.
It is stinky!
Will It Come into My Home?
Like many other bugs, the stink bug will enter homes, farms and offices to keep warm and alive all winter, ready to eat in the summer. So when you get a whiff of that smell, it’s not one of the kids letting off a stink bomb, it’s the ‘stink bug!’


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How Long Does the ‘Stink Bug’ Live?
It usually lives for about 6 to 8 months, but it can live up to a year.
How Will I Recognise One?
These little bugs are only tiny (half an inch long), and they resemble many other types of bugs in the UK.
The one identifying factor is their smell!
A Note from Pest Control Herne Bay CT6
Pest Control Kent hopes that the scientists are wrong this time, as these bugs have proved to be nothing but problems, amounting to plaque proportions in the US, and they are still no closer to ridding them.
Alas, we can’t help thinking they are correct, as a couple of bugs have already been intercepted on our shores, so it is just a matter of time.
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