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A Common Pest – The House Mouse

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Mice can be a major health risk, just like rats and squirrels.
Often they can be a major nuisance as they can spread disease in places of vulnerability. Especially when looking for food and water, such as kitchens and where children play.

They not only pose a serious health risk but are commonly associated with damaging homes and furniture due to the constant gnawing of electrical wires. It is also common to find shredded fabrics and newspaper as the house mice uses these materials as a nest. Pest Control Ashford can advise on what can be done to proof any areas where rodents might have entered the property.

The common house mouse is easy to identify as light brown or grey in colour with a light underside. The adult mice weigh 12 to 30 grams and can grow anywhere up to 20cm from nose to tail.

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Usually in warmer weather the house mouse is found in fields and grassy or wooded areas. Often build their nests in darker, more protected areas, especially as the colder weather sets in. Pest Control Ashford finds that unlike other pests which are mainly only a nuisance in the warmer months, such as wasps, the house mouse does not hibernate and will just choose a warmer environment to live. In the case of England, the house mouse they will build a nest close to a readily available food source.

House mice will spend most of the day exploring new territory around its established nest and feed on a regular basis. Although they prefer to eat nuts and seeds, they will readily turn their attention on easy to scavenge and opportunistic food such as dropped food from humans.
Often this is the reason the house mouse will build their nest close to the human population. There is always the promise of food and warmth, and the perfect area is easy to find as mice will be attracted by the smell of food and warmth of the buildings.

Gaining access is easy too as the mice have a flexible skeletal structure which allows them to squeeze very easily through incredibly tight spaces such as utility lines, pipe openings and even gaps beneath doors. The general rule of thumb for mice is if a biro can fit through the hole then so can a mouse.



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Not unlike rats, common house mice also breed very quickly and is the reason they can quickly over-run a building if left unattended. One female mouse can produce up to eight litters in their 12-month life with an average of up to 10 offspring per litter. As the pregnancy is only 21 days the cycle can start again, but this time with the added young adding to the numbers for reproducing.

Especially in built-up areas around Kent it’s best to call a Pest Control Ashford based company as soon as you suspect there to be a mouse infestation. If you’re looking for a company for pest control, Kent has many businesses that will suit your needs and be able to manage your pest problems effectively.

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