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All You Need to Know About Mice

A mouse is often considered a smaller version of a rat. While that is generally the case, there are other differences. The tails are generally hairless and the ears are more rounded and small. However, that does not stop them from being pests. To understand more about the dangers they cause and how to deal with them, you need to know much more about them. Just where do they prefer to live and how long do they live for? Herne Bay Pest Control will give you some background on the common types of mouse.

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There are two most common types of mice around the world. The first is the house mouse, although this can be broken down into various other species. The second is the field mouse and again can be broken down into other species. The names give away their preferred location, but are there any other differences?

Field mice commonly eat the crops that grow out in the fields. They are major pests for farmers and those growing their own vegetables and plants. Because of their adaptability to their surroundings, they do manage to avoid danger from the larger animals that prey on them. Herne Bay Pest Control carry out contract work for farms and businesses in Herne Bay Kent.

The house mouse usually seeks homes for shelter. Nests are built because of the warmth, especially during the winter months, and there is the benefit of easy food.


Living and Eating Habits of All Mice


These rodents have very poor eyesight. They prefer to come out at night, and use their hearing to check for any danger. Their excellent sense of smell is then used to find the food left around houses and in fields.


When in the wild, the burrows developed are extremely intricate to protect themselves. They will used various tunnels that are long and windy to get to their main nesting area. Studies have shown Herne Bay Pest Control that the ability to build such intricate designs is pre-written and never taught.


Most mice prefer grains and rice. However, they will eat anything that is around. When it comes to house mice, they will eat the crumbs left from bread and biscuits happily. For those who have decided to keep mice as pets, a range of vegetables is an excellent option for full nutritional benefit.


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There are many different types of pests around, and understanding them is the best way to catch them to remove them from the house. Mice are just one type of pests. Rats, squirrels and wasps are also extremely common around the world. Herne Bay Pest Control has experience in all pest removal and prevention.


Rat droppings found in a loft
Large wasp nest in a loft


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