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 The Blandford Fly




Do you need Pest Control Sittingbourne?

“Is it a bird?”

“Is it a plane?”


“It’s Super Fly!!!”

Or more commonly known as the Blandford Fly (simulium posticatum).

What is the Blandford Fly?

It is a species of black fly ordinarily found in Europe and the Middle East.

Why is it called the Blandford Fly?

We Brits named it that when we had a sudden outbreak of them in the little town of Blandford Forum, Dorset back in the 1960s. Dorset is only 3 hours by car from Sittingborne – be warned.


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Does it bite?

Oh yes, it bites alright and can leave a person scarred for life. The scar will have your friends thinking that you have been bitten by a tropical spider from your track across the Amazon; when in fact you were sunbathing in your back garden in leafy Kent.

Do you know of anybody that has been scarred?

We don’t know her personally, but there was a case of a lady in Welwyn Garden City a while back, that was left with terrible scars on both of her lower limbs. She was bitten four times by the Blandford Fly. Her legs ballooned and the blisters turned into cysts. This was the first time she’d ever had a reaction. She was given antibiotics and her cysts were drained.

In the 1960’s up to six hundred people from Blandford Forum in Dorset, consulted their GP for advice.

A few years back there was an outbreak in Hereford leading to hundreds of people seeking a medical opinion.

When should I look out for them?

Around May or June.

How do I know if I have been bitten?

Its bite is not like your usual insect bite. The blister will itch like crazy and swell up to the size of a damson even. You may start to feel woozy. The wound won’t begin to heal until the blister bursts, but DO NOT try to burst it yourself. Pest Control Sittingbourne urges you to seek medical advice if you are unsure.


  • Great service all round–Clare from ramsgate

  • Bed bugs gone after one visit to my house, really pleased with the service–Jackie in Sittingbourne

  • Had squirrels in my loft, took about 4 days but problem now solved–Peter in Iwade

Sobering Facts

Over the past 10 years the NHS has had a fifty percent rise in people being admitted to hospital for non-venomous insect bites.

Flies can carry diseases such as E. coli, leprosy, typhoid and polio.

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