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The Wasp (Hymenoptera)

There are two common kinds of wasps, the social and the solitary. The social are called that as they usually live and work together in colonies, whereas the solitary wasps rear their families alone.


The Wasp

There are over one hundred thousand species of wasps and they can be found living in wall cavities, lofts, hollow trees and bushes. The solitary wasp lives alone and makes a nest for its family, which could be a hole in a tree or the ground. Some solitary wasps build small nests from mud and pebbles which they stick together with their saliva.

Canterbury wasp nest removal

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The Wasp, its Sting and Kent Pest Control

The wasp is a relation of the bee and the ant. Its sting can cause tremendous pain but it does have black and yellow stripes to serve as a warning to animals and humans, so be on the lookout and hopefully you won’t be stung. If you feel there is a colony that needs eradicating please call someone like Kent Pest Control rather than attempt to rid them alone as it can prove fatal.


The Mating Habits of The Solitary Wasp

The female will build her nest and also gather food consisting of nectar, fruit and juice. The larvae (grubs) eat animal matter. This can be a caterpillar or beetle that has been paralysed by the wasp’s sting and used for food. She lays her larvae on the paralysed insect for them to have a supply of fresh food as they grow.  It sounds disgusting but often nature is brutal.


The Mating Habits of The Social Wasp

As for the social wasp, they live in colonies. Each colony will only survive for one season. The queen hibernates in the winter and lays her eggs to start the new colony for the spring. She builds her nest with paper which she makes herself by chewing wood until it is pulp. She feeds her eggs (larvae) on chewed insects who then become workers and help build the rest of the nest while she continues to lay eggs. Eventually new queen wasps develop and the cycle begins again leaving the previous wasps to die.

The queen lays about ten to twenty eggs in cells, inside the nest reaching up to a thousand in the summer. The larvae are fed by workers while they are in the cells and the queen continues to lay more eggs. The grubs begin to develop after four weeks.


How to Identify a Wasp?

The wasp is one centimetre in length and black and yellow on the side of its neck (thorax) with yellow with black bands on its abdomen. It has black antennae and yellow legs. It isn’t quite as beautiful as the bumble bee but its bright stark colouring makes it pretty nonetheless.

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When to Call Kent Pest Control?


The answer to that question is before it gets too bad. It can be very serious to be stung by a wasp causing a person to die from anaphylactic shock if medical attention is not sort immediately. Never try to swat a wasp, especially if it is near its nest. Please leave it to pest control Kent as they are professionals and know what to do. If you make the wasp stressed or angry, it lets off a chemical (pheromone) smell alerting the other wasps to danger, who unlike the rat, mouse or squirrel can become aggressive and cause very serious injuries, even death. If you are having problems with wasps then you need to seek out a company like Kent Pest Control.