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Seagulls in the UK


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As beautiful and majestic as they look, the great British seagull can easily become the great British pest.


We call them seagulls because ordinarily they live by water, mostly the sea, in places such as Margate and Ramsgate. But they have a habit of not staying there, in fact many seagulls are born and live their whole lives in urban areas. Kent pest control cover the whole of Kent including Whitstable, Broadstairs and other urban areas.


Why Are They Pests?


Seagulls are social creatures that flock together in colonies, causing mayhem wherever they go. Anyone who has lived near them will soon tell you how noisy and quarrelsome they are. They will wake you at 4am in the morning sounding like a gaggle load of kids when school is out. They will land on your rooftop and nest there keeping you awake all night. Then you will be greeted in the morning to their droppings all over your garden, or even on your expensive shiny car in the driveway, causing  hundreds of pounds worth of damage.


Life Span


Seagulls can live to be over 20 years old, the oldest recorded seagull was the common gull and it lived to be the grand old age of 49.


Eating Habits


The seagull will eat pretty much anything, as they are scavengers. They have large beaks allowing them to scoop up fresh fish from the sea, but they are quite satisfied to rummage down the rubbish bins. So like most other pests, it’s wise to clear away the bins regularly, especially cafés and restaurants.


They are greedy animals and fierce. They wouldn’t think twice of swooping down to steal the hot dog out of your mouth while you are walking down the promenade.




They start breeding at the age of about three. The yearly breeding season lasts for 3 to 4 months from March, with 2 to 3 eggs being laid each time. That’s a lot of birds being born from one pair each year.


They make their nests out of grass, straw, paper or anything they feel will do the trick. They become even more aggressive in the mating season as their focus is primarily on protecting their young, so be sure not to approach them at this time. It would be advisable to call a licensed company like Kent pest control and let us do it for you.


Did You Know:-


  • There are about 100,000 pairs of gulls breeding in urban areas all over the UK


  • We have invited them into our cities because of our throwaway society (trash)


  • They don’t mind if their food is dead or alive


  • Their powerful beaks can stab and tear with incredible ease


  • There are up to 49,000 common gulls breeding every year


  • They always go back to the same site to breed (unlucky if that’s your rooftop)


  • Both male and female brood over their young


  • They mate for life


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