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The Quintessentially British Mole


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It’s quite hard to work out how many moles there are in the UK, as they burrow underground and are rarely seen. Moles quite often make the headlines as they can be a pest to farmlands and golf courses alike. But that is not the only way they make a nuisance of themselves. The garden mole will quite happily scrabble through your lawn, making unsightly molehills in the search for dinner. Sorry to disappoint you, but if you live in Margate, Ramsgate, Whitstable or Broadstairs, with a magnificently plush lawn that you’ve worked hard cultivating with rich soil, then it’s even more likely that you will attract moles. The reason for this is because your lawn is abundant with food, just waiting for the greedy mole to come and gorge. The easiest thing to do would be to call a reputable company like Kent Pest Control to rid the problem for you.


The average mole in the UK is 7 inches long from head to tail. Their fur feels like velvet to stroke and is quite silky, enabling the mole to slide through the tunnels like a fish through water. They have a long nose with very tiny eyes that are practically invisible.


The mole is an industrious mammal that can dig up to 30m of tunnels in a day, working all day and through the night, sleeping four hours on four hours off.


What Do They Eat?


They are mainly carnivorous, feeding off things like earthworms, garden snakes, insect larvae, slugs and lizards.


Breeding Habits


The breeding season runs for 4 months of the year from March to July, and they have 2 to 7 babies at a time.


How Long Do They Live?


On average 3 to 5 years.


Why Are They pests?


Their molehills are not only unsightly but they destroy your lawns and flower beds. They brake machinery like lawn mowers and farmland equipment, costing hundreds of pounds worth of damage every year.


Kent Pest Control


If you are a business or homeowner and have noticed molehills on your land, please give us a call before it gets worse, and we will eliminate them humanly for you. Kent Pest Control covers the whole of Kent including Maidstone, Canterbury, Orpington, Medway,and Faversham


Interesting Facts About Moles


  • If they don’t eat every few hours they can die of starvation


  • The males are very vicious with each other


  • They will fight to the death


  • They are solitary creatures and avoid each other where possible


  • The male and female only meet for the mating ritual


  • As soon as they have mated the male immediately makes himself scarce and has nothing to do with the nursing of its young.


  • The mole is extremely sensitive to touch and vibration


  • They are very quick and agile


  • ·They are virtually blind



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